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  1. GameGuru
    Hello everyone, just wanted to say that I too am another proud Murder owner, well sort of, you'll have to wait and see. I'll be posting a work log soon and although most of my ideas originated from Charles and a lot of you guys and gals here, I'll be putting my own twist on things with some custom fabrication. It's been a long time planning and it's about ready to pay off as I can't wait after seeing so many of the wonderful builds here. I'm glad to be aboard.
  2. GameGuru
    Oh here's the secret to removing the logo, sorry this isn't Charles secret but mine and it's only $4. Go to home depot and buy some "Goof Off", NOT "Goo Gone", it's only $4 for a 4.5 oz can. Grab a paper towel and put about a quarter size on it and gently rub it on, the logo will come of in a matter of seconds and will not damage the anodizing in any way. It's that simple. I also removed the white near the bottom of the case. I also have a $3 window trick/mod that makes the window look a million times cleaner but I'm going to hold off on letting that one go until I get my work log up as it will be one of the first things I post.

    Your welcome everyone
  3. BlueAqua
    Great tips GameGuru. Nice to have you aboard.
  4. GameGuru
    Hey, anyone interested in the MurderMod mid plate? I have one in the "for sale" thread. It's for the standard ATX.
  5. dingdong555
    Welcome Gameguru.....Looking forward to the window tips!
  6. SpikeyBoiCahir
    Hi Lads....
    Im here through DingDong555 ive seen the posts of his rig around and they brought me to this site
    Im intrested in custom builds so i wanted to join aswell.
  7. Aedubber
    Hello , working on my custom build as we speak project that is moving slowly :/
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