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Overclockers from Holland

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  1. Cooper
    hey folks
    looking for some help renting a room in Eindhoven. If anyone has any offers please let me know
  2. Supreme(CDW)
    Op naar de 2000 punten!!
  3. etienno
    Heuj mensen wie zal ik nou zijn :P
  4. Cooper
    Hey folks. I got i7 965 CPU and need to test if it's in full working order.
    Anyone willing to give it a quick Prime torture test ?
    Just need to verify if chip is OK and then get a mainboard. Will pay insured shipping both ways.
    Volunteer has to have positive trading feedback either on XS or on HWI.
    PM me please
  5. EmBoLa.be
    hallo iedereen, ben wel van belgie, maar dat is toch geen probleem, hoe meer oc'ers, hoe beter de forum, see ya
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