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  1. [XC] gomeler
    [XC] gomeler
    I've been writing at Gomeler.com and I just started working for LegitReviews.com. Finishing up my first reviews for LR, sadly my personal website has suffered. Going to be strange trying to juggle two of them
  2. xt0m
    I write at xt0m.dk and started doing hw reviews for Hardware-Test.com a few weeks back.
    Ever so often I also help out over on PCW.dk and other danish sites with hw/oc reviews
  3. G.Foyle
    I'm reviewing CPUs at PCLab.pl for half a year now and I like my job
  4. Orego
    Hello friends!!!, Here my presentation:
    I wrote some reviews in Toxico-PC under the same nickname, but my main function is news editor (Hunter), besides, forums mod...& besides...some times...Designer Manager!!
    Toxico-PC is a website of hardware reviews, the second best of Argentina and one of the Top 5 in South America...

    Sorry for my poor English!!!
  5. Orego
    ...and...what we do exactly??
  6. BenchZowner
    Well, nothing precisely.
    This group is like a public list for people to find and/or communicate with the reviewers around the globe directly.
  7. Orego
    ok, i think its a good idea, in this moment i write a review of digital tablet Wacom Intuos4, really really excelente product, too expensive, but pay.
    I show you the review when finished, the problem its the spanish lenguage, but the Google Translator can help a little...
    Some of you writing review in this moment?
  8. Marco André
    Marco André
    Sure. Most are busy with Lynnfield stuff
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