3DMark 2001 SE Addicts

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  1. k|ngp|n
    01 Rules!!!
  2. M.Beier
    It sure does
    This saturday, we will give a shot from Denmark, dont expect us to touch your score Vince, however.... 110K would be sweet...
  3. BenchZowner
    Just like Unreal Tournament "LoD and load"
    3D Mark2001SE FTW
  4. k|ngp|n
    110K sounds killer man. Good luck guys! Who all is benching and what hw??
  5. M.Beier
    Uhm we have quite alot of stuff... Really depends...

    2x 25L LN2 (1 dewar pending... Free refill )
    F1EE (do you know that one? )
    minusgrader brazed Cu-Pot
    Stock on gfx

    Setup 1:
    E8400 (good one - and brazed pot... 2v should keep it -130 or so, Vcore not after scaling, but after coldbug...)
    2x DFI P35-T2R
    1x D9DQT kit, 2x D9GKX kits, 1x D9GHM kit

    Setup 2:
    Asus P5E3
    1x D9GTR (very fast sticks)

    Mission objects:
    sub 8:30 32M
    110K+ 01SE
    29K @ 06 (not very realistic with stock... but hey!)
    36K @ 05
    and finally 7.9s SPI 1M

    It will be a warm up for our real session... the 1M will probably be good enough.... But 06 has to be better....
    - We want to go to Amsterdam, NL - for the MSI competition...

    Oliver (nickname as well)
    David (THC)
    Marc (myself)
  6. Pedro Rocha
    Pedro Rocha
    The best game ever done!!
  7. k|ngp|n
    Sounds awsome Marc...yah I heard of the F1 Why can't I get free re-fills dammit...LN2 place called me yesterday on phone and said if I dont pay my account, I could not get anymore LN2 until paid LOL. 1K+ I owe them.
    I'll look forward to your guys thread. How is the DFI P35 with wolfdale btw?
  8. k|ngp|n
    Pedro what took you so long to join Marc's 2001 junkies group?
  9. SIOUX
    Oh sweet group REAL men bench 3d01

    Marc# BTW...your low nature score that you Pmd me about. I have now experience the same on some asus boards. So you will need another board for 01 if you still have the problem. No solution or explanation yet afaik....
  10. George_o/c
    Oh yes, 3D 01 FTW !
    Bill , " LoD and load "
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