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  1. Boogerlad
    I'm still failing =( Lights are perfect now. I have a simple floor. Assembled and everything. The only issue is the copper doesn't look like copper! If rendered alone, it would look like copper. Maybe my lights are too white. 255,255,255. this is the copper I'm using: http://mxmgallery.maxwellrender.com/...&search=copper It looks nickel plated now.

    For maxwell, what sl do you guys normally stop at?
  2. Metric
    Hey Boogerlad and everyone that has joined.

    Regarding SL, it's really up to the individual. There's no real 'it's done' point for Maxwell, so whenever the noise level is acceptable for you, it's done . For me, SL 16-20+ is pretty much noise free for my renders.
  3. Metric
    It would be nice if vBulletin allowed user group icons, but here's one I made up for ours:

  4. xaxis
    Hi everyone I"m extremely knew to CAD. I spent about 6 months using Rhino 3D at school because it was available for free and promptly forgot half of what I learned, I can program just about anything I've needed to produce in the past in 3D (usually amounting to particle simulations, geometric charts, stuff like that, nothing texture heavy) but recently I've given in to the fun of rapid prototyping and CNC machining and really enjoy google sketchup simply due to its extensibility. Now by all means I'm really quite clumsy with it but I'm enjoying my stumbling and hope this group is prosperous in conversations for I truly would like as many sources as possible to learn about photo realistic rendering and whatever else I can.
    Here's one of my first half finished sketchups where I had to sit around for more than an hour: This is the table for the interchangeable laser/plasma/mill/tool changer/7 axis industrial robot arm ultra DIY CNC (and possible delusion I'm working on:

    Anyway, well wishes to all.
    Oh yeah, does anyone have the ability to save me some search keystrokes and clicks and hook it up with some links to some Sketchup Materials libraries/resources? Much appreciation regardless.
  5. xaxis
    With the quickly progressing implementations of openGL abstraction layers that provide indirect hardware access through modern web browsers and the increasing power of computer systems in general it won't surprise me if Sketchup becomes more than just a "toy" in the near future. Last night I took the time to start a javascript API which basically via the magick of the infamous XML request object (AJAX) pulls various class methods from my database where I store the different sections of the library. Just to start slow, for my first class I just wrote some basic vertex methods... multiply, add, subtract, etc... Tonight will be a matrix manipulation class. Instead of using a direct hardware/plugin approach I intend to use JSON compliant javascript and see how far I can go porting every openGL function to javascript (likely as an adjunt to the canvas element for a viewport). While a semi-daunting task, with this accomplished (if accomplished) it will be interesting to see what web app based CAD programs users are able to create and how practical they can be presently and into the future.

    I know I'm not the first to attempt simmilar endeavors but I love reinventing the wheel my own way. ;-) Just to get a start I used a domain I registered awhile back just for this purpose jsgl.net and through up a little intro page. DON'T GO TO THIS PAGE IF YOU ARE NOT USING FIREFOX. I strictly code all web apps for firefox (which usually always work in Chrome, Safari, Opera as well) so IE can be damned. (also I should mention I know I'm likely doing the near similar project as jsgl. org, or .com, but I believe they do are pushing for plugins. I would like to see what javascript can acomplish purely by itself with a bit of TCP/IP mixed in so as to load the parts it needs when it needs them for whatever the program may be dynamically through your friend and mine (AJAX tech).

    Let me know if any of you coders out their are interested in porting some GL libs to javascript in strict JSON and javascript "object oriented" form. PM me for more info if interested.
  6. Metric
    Hey there xaxis ,

    Wow, quite a post you have there - the web-based CAD concept looks very promising. It would be amazing at some point to push raytracing (with the help of your JSGL) to the cloud-based level, allowing dozens, if not hundreds of computers working on one, massive or complex image. I just finished up my first year of CS at OSU this summer, so I'm probably of little help right now with your goal, but once I get some 400-level classes in, I'll see what I can do.

    Regarding Sketchup materials - you're not going to find too much right now, Google did have a materials bonus pack up, but it has been removed since version 7 came out. I believe in your case, the materials you'd be wanting would be one's for a 3rd party rendering engine such as V-Ray, Kerkythea or Maxwell Render since Sketchup's rendering is quite limited to just simple vertex outlining and transparency and the Sketchup "materials" are simply UV mapped bitmaps - they don't have any reflective/refractive properties to them.
  7. Boogerlad
    I've got an interesting problem for maxwell+solidworks users. I have my waterblock model, and when I put it inside a 3 sided cube, the waterblock becomes incredibly blurry but has proper lighting like this: http://i735.photobucket.com/albums/w...lock_cpu-1.png However, without the box and just a floor, the copper turns grey, but it isn't blurry. What setting is needed to focus on the block only?
  8. Metric
    Hey Boogerlad,

    Interesting situation you have there - have you tried exporting from Solidworks to Maxwell Studio, manually focusing the camera in Maxwell Studio and then exporting it to Maxwell Render?

    Screenshots of your Solidworks and Maxwell Studio setup might be of help too
  9. Boogerlad
    anyone know how to make textures in maxwell on all surfaces? The textures only appear on the top, but not the side.
  10. Metric
    Funny since I have the opposite issue
    As usual, a screenshot would be most helpful
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