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  1. xaxis
    United! What now.

    EDIT: While I do program stuff a lot and for years, I would like to make sure I'm not liable when I'm wrong about something... Using the following flawless logic: Even though that (me being wrong) would be an impossible universal absolute otherwise known as an absolutely impossible universe OR as a guy named 'Ted', I will only accept wrong-ness if string theory in its many forms A) is proven to be valid B) AND ends up being recursive C) AND functions via a windows 95 386 based system some 200,000 light years from earth with some ancient modem with a (somehow) negative baud "uplink".

    btw: really, really, like your sig.
  2. xaxis
    Yeah so what do united programmers do these days anyway?

    ... have a bake sale or something? At least I can crack myself up.

    So fellow gents, where be your expertise?
  3. Particle
    Welcome fellow codernaut! I like the idea of that bake sale, actually. I'm always up for a page of source code or a tray of cookies. Mmm...cookies. You know what's even better than cookies? More cookies. That's it.

    Thanks for the compliment about my sig.
  4. chetanzcool
    Guys Registered on this site a year back , but for some reason (even though i confirmed my email validation) i havent been validated by the Administrator. Could a Mod please get this done? I really would like to start posting rather than only read the forums !

    Please email me or replay to this post once a mod / admin validates... I did read the post about the board having issues with outgoining mail server but a year of waiting is painful
  5. Chumbucket843
  6. Particle
    The Daily WTF: Humor for programmers.
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