Xtreme Overclockers Against Play-Doh

  1. Gautam
    Seriously, the eraser's cool if that's how you roll.
  2. rdrash
    I used some eraser in LA around my GPU... got the board back home and I've put her through the dishwasher twice....still can't get all that crapola out from around the PCI-e slots! .....used to think it was good stuff, now I hate it.
  3. G H Z
    G H Z
    Damn, how did I miss this group? :p
  4. Brian y.
    Brian y.
    I'm crashing this anti eraser club. Long live the "doh"!!!!
  5. [XC] Oj101
    [XC] Oj101
    Thank you for this group
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