Thread Derailment Organization

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  1. fart_plume
    Now how the hell I am supposed to derail this if I'm the first one posting in here?
  2. NaeKuh
    by pointing to another thing like phelan we should start a high pressure club on xs.
  3. phelan1777
    See F_P this is the rehab for derailers, now the challenge is to stay on
  4. phelan1777
    Naekuh I was just asking if you could contact who ever is in charge of the RD30 if I could get an invite :P.
  5. D_A
    RD30 ... wasn't that a forerunner of WD40?
  6. phelan1777
    lol, eh maybe? I mean there is an RD20 :P
  7. DAK1640
    Try not to pick on Movieman...I realize it's not easy...Next topic...///
  8. CyberDruid
    I thought R2D2 was awesome too lol.
  9. [XC] mysticmerlin
    [XC] mysticmerlin
    Snap-On Tools rock if you can afford them IMO
  10. littleowl
    @phelan how do you stay on topic? I have not been able to figure that part out yet.
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