Hardware Reviewers

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  1. RAW-Raptor22
    Im the owner of OverclockWorld (http://overclockworld.com/index) and I write many reviews. Hello everyone!
  2. Trouffman
    I'm one of the Administrators of Syndrome-OC (http://www.syndrome-oc.net), we publish daily news, reviews and the well know "Syndrome-O/C-TV" Emission! Enjoy \o_
  3. NH|Delph1
    I'm the assistant editor in chief at NordicHardware (http://www.nordichardware.com). We have the latest inside stories and reviews for the power user.
  4. Fr3ak
    I am a junior editor at the German print and online magazine PC Games Hardware (www.pcgh.de). I am mainly responisble for the special magazine PC Games Hardware Extreme, that deals with (extreme) overclocking, cooling and casemodding. We also have a German forum for it (www.pcghx.de), where I am a administrator.
  5. BenchZowner
    Sup folks, thanks for joining the group.
    I have some ideas ( still working on some ) that can help all of us in the future
  6. massman
    Hey, how are you guys.

    I'm currently writing articles for Madshrimps.be, for which I am allowed to focus on the more extreme part of overclocking if I want to.
  7. ZoLKoRn
    Hello, I'm come from Thailand and working on Editor-in-chief of OverclockZone (http://www.overclockzone.com) and we daily update of hardware review (on now! already for English version)
  8. Nosfer@tu
    Hello Everybody.
    Im Founder of OCTeamDenmark.Com and have been doing news for different sites over the years.
    Now I have the joy of doing reviews my self and managing a our International Site
  9. Spawne32
    Hows it going everyone, you may have read my many posts in the air cooling forum. I am the owner and founder of Overclockers Pulse ( www.overclockerspulse.com or www.ocpulse.com).
  10. metro.cl
    Hello Guys,

    Nice to know more of you, i do reviews for www.Chw.net we are one of the biggest spanish hardware review website. If anyone wants to exchange links we are happy to do so


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