XS @ Canada

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  1. Sadasius
    Don't be a hoser and pass the beer eh!
  2. ReverendMaynard
    just Give 'er!
  3. caraboose
    Hm... nobody really seems to know me, at least on these forums.. even though I've been here a year with 0 posts, perhaps I should get out there..
    Just dropping by from Spring Bank (just out side of Calgary)
  4. Rapidash
    Saying Hi too all my fellow Canucks from Hamilton Ontario.
  5. Sadasius
    Anyone living in Ottawa? Trying to get some LAN parties going.
  6. the_dope_chaud
    Geez, not too many canucks here eh ?
  7. Sadasius
    Yeah no kidding. Also it seems I don't get email notifications about posts in here either so I take it that's why these things are not busy.
  8. metalop1g
    Well you have one more now! Québec anybody?
  9. Th-I3riG02
    Hey Everybody,

    I R baboon! no no i joke lol, But i am new to the XS scene and looking to start my 1st rig in the next couple of months. I'm looking to familiarize myself with the everything. also i think it's cool a section exclusive to Canadians!! XD you guys haul already!
  10. Sadasius
    Fix your avatar Phil. Then again the question mark does suite you well!
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