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  1. xaxis
    0xNeFF, why was your tutorial censored exactly?
    What assembler do you guys find yourself using most often these days and for what arch?
    I have to admit I have an old school crush on TASM... but NASM is my boat that floats most of the time (for x86-64).
  2. nn_step
    I find that most days, that I tend not to directly use an assembler; rather that that I use a text editor with macro and regular expression support. Which makes it much easier for me to reorder instructions into functions and figure out exactly how they work and why. The biggest surprises are when I compare a libre source project's object code and a binary that I am given then figure out that the binary is a complete rip-off of the libre project.

    But I must admit that when it comes to assemblers, my heart still belongs to MAC/65 and its ever reliable ROM cartridge. 16kB of pure assembly.

    I've found that I actually tend to work on 3 levels:
    1) line assembler (old school and always has a 1:1 translation to the binary)
    2) High level assembler (Really ugly low level C functions that have a translation 99% of the time)
    3) Functional description (Really easy to grep but only 70% of the time can I get to this level)
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