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  1. Marvin_The_Martian
    Idk who invited me lol but I played with softice and wdasm in the past, but I got to admit further then tracking jump points I never got
  2. Thund3rb1rd
    wow...sice and wdasm, that's pretty old school...olly is free...another good tool is IDA, it's more of a visual debugger than olly...I like it because it works in vista
  3. 0xNeFF
    Welcome everyone

    I invited you guys, since you showed some interest in RE I thought it would be nice to get a small group going for people who are interested in it
    NuMega's Soft-ICE and WDasm are pretty old school indeed, too bad that Soft-ICE isn't available anymore

    Check out this thread : http://www.0xneff.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11
  4. m^2
    Yeah, IDA is great, but too costly for me.
    Hex-Rays decompiler is cool too, I've seen it's output, a nice C file that misses names and has rather technical comments. And #error in a few places...but in general - quite good.
  5. 0xNeFF
    IDA is indeed a great tool. But my absolute preferences go to OllyDBG and PE Explorer. If you master those 2 tools there is very little that you can't do
    Took a look at Hex-Rays just now. Maybe we can fix the errors in it ourself By the way I found something nice for the people who aren't very good at IDA : http://www.hex-rays.com/idapro/training/
  6. 0xNeFF
    I've managed to squeeze SpeedFan ( version 4.37 ) today a little. Take a look at the Coder's Corner-section
  7. Thund3rb1rd
    olly has a smaller learning curve than IDA, but who is developing for olly??? anyone? I truely don't know...if no one, then it's a dieing tool, like sice (which has been discontinued since 2006, I could tell you where to get a copy, but it's not worth the time to bother with, IMHO, unless you absolutely need to work ring 0)..also what's the choice for packed EXEs and polymorphics.... :P ....yes i'm noooob....don't have a lot of time to RE (recently had a quite extinctive job hunt stint)... just twiddled with it in the recent past...I somehow mistakenly deleted all of my bookmarks to quite useful resources too...damit

    don't listen to the crazy man
  8. 0xNeFF
    Let me tell you something

    Anyone who comes to the point in life where they start to learn Reverse Engineering has already lost it and can not be saved anymore.

    Though Olly hasn't been updated much there are still quite a lot of plugins out there for it. I rarely ( to almost never ) use them because there's almost nothing with Olly that I can't do

    Resources on the web aren't hard to find, we have Google for a reason Just keep checking my website out and you'll see a lot of tutorials on everything related to RE and app-dev come up.
    As I'm writing this I'm busy 5-part tutorial on 32-Assembly Programming, which should help you out a lot ( unless you already mastered Assembly of course ). After this I'm going to cover more extensive RE techniques and also how to develop solutions for your projects
  9. 0xNeFF
    New tutorial added to Coder's Corner, dedicated to some of the people who PM/IM'ed me about this technique. Enjoy

    *Edit : Tutorial has been censored by XS due to lack of understanding of a few things. Posted a new topic with a more detailed description + some extra info *
  10. Kuntz
    Olly is king. And it's still in development, I inverviwed & spoke with the guy 6 months ago and it's coming along well. I look forward to his new features, since Olly is one hell of an amazing product.
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