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  1. Slovo
    Hey RAM Lovers I am building my gaming computer but I am not all that informed about RAM but I am excited about getting the right kit for my system. I won't go into detail but if any of you could help me understand I have some questions about MB's and compatible RAM. I know Nvidia SLI and AMD are not in right now but I always wanted to build an SLI system. So I have all the parts but not the RAM. The system I am building consists of MSI NF890-G65 / Dual N465GTX Twin Frozr ll (overclocked to 470 specs) / AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition / OCZ GameXStream 850W ATX12V 24PIN SLI / NZXT M59 ATX case. I am looking at ordering Mushkin Enhanced 3 x 2gb 8-8-8-24 RAM Model 998681. Is it advisable to use 3 x2 or would a different configuration work better?
    If any of you can advise me on this or another choice that would be great. Maybe I can learn some OC techniques too. Thanks Frank.
  2. Nikolasz
    I think you need to get low count ram modules as posible to have great memory size and speed.
    Then search user opinions on net what is best ram kits for speed/stability/overclockability
  3. Johnny87au
    me love ram more then my family <3<3
  4. Nikolasz
    ram dont talk back
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