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  1. Aerou
    who's got some Micron DDR3 D9 (D9GTR, ...) runnin on i7?

    I am going to try CSX, but first I have to find a board >D

    BTW, using just the Cellshocks and not even changing any settings, maxFSB went from 565 to 660 on my DFI P45 - gotta love that RAM.
    Here's a neat photo of the HS:
  2. BenchZowner
    I'm running D9GTR's on x58 and they're running smooth.
    Actually on the BloodRage I can hit way higher frequencies than on any other board I've tried those on.
    Too bad the stupid Rampage I Extreme killed my best D9GTR kit from CellShock that was benching as high as DDR3-2200 7-7-7 and 1830+ 6-5-5-16
  3. TheKarmakazi
    wow bill thats bad news to lose those cellys

    my rampage extreme for some reason decided never to work again with any d9's (tried all bioses). Luckily I am running well with elpida hypers, but tRAS < 18 and tRFC < 60 are no go...
  4. Aerou
    Can I say WAKE UP !!! Guys, are you dead? I wanna see some love for new stuff ... Anyone with Elpida Hypers?
  5. M.Beier
    EDITED by myself...
    Ram "legends" are always right.... Just see Intel IMC, its 100% true what "legends" said, vdimm, its oh so dangerous....
  6. BenchZowner
    We're still alive!
  7. pr@$r1g
    Ram addict me yeah already killed 2x 6gb kits
  8. hiwa
    We never die .... WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. BeepBeep2
    I joined. Just bought a a 2200 Cas 8 kit of Hyper. Also have 2 Crucial Ballistix D9GTS and 3 kits of DDR2. (One DDR2-1200 kit two 800 Cas 4-4-3 kits D9GMH and Promos)
  10. Nikolasz
    MY rams is soo speed up. if i change anything less timimgs, comp goin to crash
    ddr3 1333 at 6-6-6-18 t1, not bad for older typo
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