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XS Audiophile Group

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  1. nfm
    2x OPA637BP, Rubycon Black Gate NX 1500uF 10v

    DAC / Front OPAMP / Crystal Clock recap awaiting .
    I should be also getting Yamaha HTR-6130 receiver soon. I have 2x sick bookshelf speakers on old amp atm.

    OPA637 is without a doubt best OPAMP out there, it sounds just perfect.
    Very Nice... I prefer the OPA637's also in the 6X7 series, although I have never personally tried the BP models. The 637's have more of a high range in comparison to the 627's though. Nice job...
    Here is some information for the Audiophile group about a new high quality 6 X 6 firewire recording interface to be offered from Auzentech. They have yet to release this info to the press but it is good info and the card will be coming very soon. Here is a link to the informaiton I posted for the net on this new card. WINDY6

    I should have information coming about a few different cards from a few other companies. I will keep the group informed with whatever info I get and can verify as being solid information. Enjoy
    I recently posted some Exclusive information about the new Auzentech Home Theater 7.1 HD HDMI 1.3 soundcard. Here you can have a look here if interested: Link
    I also posted the info in the main forums for people who are not in this group. Enjoy.
  5. Metroid
    What do you guys think about the Creative X-fi?

    I'm thinking about buying an MSI Eclipse and that card will also come with it.
  6. Miwo
    Are coaxial speakers the best choice for nearfield / computer "on your desk" setups... without going into Studio Monitors specifically targeted for nearfield use? My logic being coaxial's lows/highs are coming from a single point source.

    Regular HT Bookshelfs and Floorstanders are usually meant to be listed to at a distance (like a living room viewing distance from TV)
    I recently posted some Exclusive information on the upcoming Xonar Essence STX. You can find it: HERE
    Seeing how this card is aimed at the "audiophile" community, I figured you guys might have some opinions on it overall. Enjoy.
    Do we have any opinions on this new card?
  9. Shocker003
    Hi guys,
    Does the Asus Maximus II Formula add on pci-e audio card work on any other motherboard.
    I got one from a friend and he told me it works on his board (Maximus II Formula) but i can´t get it to work on my DFI DK P35 and ASUS M3A78-EMH HDMI.
    My boards can find the card when it is installed in the pci-e 1X slot. Is the card dead or is there a way to get it to function. Thanks for the advice in advance.
  10. SoulsCollective
    Might be a stupid question, but have you tried the drivers from the Asus website? Like any other card, it's not going to work without drivers.
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