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XS Audiophile Group

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  1. coo-coo-clocker
    I've never bought into the notion of uber ICs and cables. Maybe its just because I think there is usually better places to put the extra $$... really high efficiency speakers and tube amps though, there's some great return on those
  2. jas420221
    I think Im going ot get rid of my Adcom equip and start buying Mcintosh... any suggestions that wont run me over 12k for a 5ch amp, preamp and surround processor?
  3. Eugenemal
    Hi all!
  4. coo-coo-clocker
    Welcome Eugenemal
    What kinda gear you running? Or just an admirer?
  5. The Jesus
    The Jesus
    Hey, I am not that serious to get some crazy ten grand setup, but I got what I think is a decent setup.
    Creative X-Fi Sound Blaster Champion Fatal1ty Edition W/ Front Panel
    Sennheiser HD280s
    25K Songs (yes, 2..5..0..0..0)
    Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers (ETA: June 27, 2008 only 12 hours to go, lol)
    Then I got my friend's crap in here, some old AKAI (IDK who that even is, lol) Receiver AA-1050 running two big ass Audio Digital 6000 ER's (he's a DJ), they're good for playing my music LOUD, but not very good quality, hopefully the Z-5500s will do away with that problem.
  6. RAW-Raptor22
    Nice, I will always be a receiver person since I got my current setup last year, but i hope you like the 5500s.
  7. Aerou
    which of you guys are familiar with or even own Teufel speakers?
  8. RAW-Raptor22
    No, but from their website (I only know a little german so I cannot judge much) they look pretty awesome. I unfortunately cannot help you past that.
    Hey Guys, for all there home recording people in this group. I added some new information to the audio forum about s new line of recording gear that Auzentech will be selling. After reviewing the specs of the product line-up, they have some decent products that deserves a look if your building a studio or considering upgrading your new one. Here is a link to the page: LINK
    Hey Guys, I added some new information to thte audio forum about a new high quality soundcard released by HT Omega. This card is built around the CM8788 chipset is using hgih end 24/192 DAC's and has a built in high impedance headphone driver IC. This makes the card rather unique in that you card drive the high end, high impedance headphones without a seperate amplifier. Replacable opamps...etc Two versions are avialable: base card and base card with daughter card. Look here
    SInce thi is the audiophile forum I figured you guys would be interested in this card. I know I am interested in it. Nobody else posting info related to audio around here?
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