XS Audiophile Group

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  1. coo-coo-clocker
    Here's a link to Bill Eckle's website. If you haven't visited, you'll probably be in awe like most of us.
    Too bad he's gone now - he was a God amongst DIY audiophiles.
  2. coo-coo-clocker
    Here's a few more links if you guys are interested in DIY - it fits pretty well {XS} and system building if you ask me
    Boozhound Labs - very informative DIY project site
    Bottlehead - great projects and source of info
    DIYTUBE - Shannon sells an awesome Dynaco ST35 clone kit - see my pic above for one I built
  3. RAW-Raptor22
    Those are some cool sites clocker, really makes me want to make some stuff, too bad I don't really have the time or money.

    About the Sony cans, I would not recommend them based on the fact that Sony has never been a respected audio company as far as I am concerned. I would look to Sennheiser if I was in the market for some.
  4. Philly_Boy
    OK...I own a set of Bryston 7B monoblocks, a Krell preamp, and a Madrigal Proceed CD player feeding a set of Avalon Radian speakers. Straightwire Maestro balanced interconnects and Ixos Ixotica Gamma Geometry solid silver speaker wire. Sheesh, I even have a Velodyne subwoofer and a set of small electrostatic panels for my main rig speakers....I guess I am an audiophile.
  5. Miwo
    hmm didnt even notice this whole profile/groups thing!
    anyways, thought i'd join - good to see an audio enthusiast group
  6. RAW-Raptor22
    Wow, thats a real impressive setup Philly boy.

    Hi Miwo, welcome.
  7. Hyperhorn
    Hi guys, here's a newcomer!
    I'm a CD-collector (100% originals ) and like to listen to music not besides, but intently for hours. Because of my neighbours I use a Sennheiser HD-600, a very nice affordable headphone IMO. I'm glad to have a mate with a great system (T+A tube amplifier + CD-player, Dynaudio special 25 etc.), who I visit regularly with some albums.
    If you ever come to Munich in April/May, try to visit the "High End"-exhibition.
    Last time I was there in 07, it's a festival for audiophiles.
  8. Magnj
    Hey guys, basic hardware but I enjoy listening to a lot of music and have a substantial FLAC collection
  9. coo-coo-clocker
    welcome to the group guys!
    I need to get some of my Altec horns up and running here at the house. they just take up so much floor space...
  10. Miwo
    Does anyone make their own cables and Interconnects?

    Wondering what you prefer:

    Solid vs Stranded
    Crimped vs Solder vs Screw Down Connectors
    Does Dielectric choice matter?

    I have about $50 of raw materials I've gathered to make some ICs and speaker wire. Probably more that what most practical people would spend, but hey - I am curious about the whole matter and can swing $50 to satisfy my curiosity. I have some Mogami W2534 Quad Mic for ICs, Canare 4S8 Quad for Speaker, leftover spool of 14ga Hi-Strand, 20 & 24 ga mil-spec silver plated solid copper wire.
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