0L' $K00L 478

  1. tiro_uspsss
    for anyone who gets a nostalgic feeling when s478 is mentioned - please join!
  2. l33t p1mp
    Mine is still alive and running...p4 @ 2.66 stock.
  3. [XC] riptide
    [XC] riptide
    Yep. Well my 1st was a 486. But I had a break until I got a Intel PERL 478 with a 2.66 Northwood. Systooled it up to 3.0Ghz on stock air/volts. My first ever overclock. Then I got a 3.4Ghz 30 Capper northwood. Got some nOOb asetek 80mm WC setup. My first. GAWD! Then I got a 3.4Ghz EE 'Gallatin'. Ran actually cooler than the northwood, to my surprise. That was like 300 back then on Ebay.! Got me self my first Entusiast board. And it was a good one. Abit IC7-Max3. 'Upgraded' to a reserator (collecting dust now lol), then to a proper twin 120mm jobbee. Also had a 3.2Ghz ES Prescott 478 that was a Furnace. This was all when Meroms and Yonahs etc was hitting it real. lol. Yep. Thems were the days. Loved the green leds on the OTES Abit cooling on the mosfets and the little NB cooler... awww. I've bougth and sold a few boards since but that Abit took a little bit of me with it. /sob/ And guess what? Bought it for 130 from Germany on ebay. And sold it for like 160 a year later, when they were practically obsolete! Sold the 3.4Ghz at the same time for like US$400!! Was good sale I remember. I suppose that was the warm sunset to a nice 478 experience for me. Didn't hit crazy clocks, but was able to pull 4Ghz on water setups on difficult cooling and tight budgets at the time.
  4. WrigleyVillain
    Whoo-hoo. I cut my teeth on a 478 Abit AI7 system which is still alive and kicking at a coworkers house with a Northwood 2.4C at 3.2 and two gigs of OCZ Gold PC5000 (mmm with the pretty solid heatspreaders)
  5. tiro_uspsss
    cut ur teeth?
    PC5000?! thats... DDR625 - thats insane!!
    any chance ur willing to sell that to me? [/serious]
  6. WrigleyVillain
    Cut my teeth means "started out on/learned with"...

    Yeah I never got it that high though. Sold it to a guy in Germany trying to finally get 300 FSB on his DFI NF4 board. Still have 2 256M sticks of Corsair BH-5 though
  7. Vatos_locos
    oh boy i still have mine presshot :p
  8. Revv23
    Yes i love this group!

    I'm on the hunt for a new mobo as after years of abuse and modding i finnaly managed to kill my IC7-G.

    So as my group credentials I've got a 1.8a running on an asus P4S533 board... yes thats an SiS chipset. lol.
  9. ShadowGuy
    Do any of you guys have or know where I could get an SL7CH for cheap?
  10. tiro_uspsss
    ebay or newegg
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