Long Live Socket 939

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  1. tiro_uspsss
    AMDs finest hour: K8
  2. biohead
    ;o 939 is teh orange juice
  3. tiro_uspsss
  4. SquidgyB
    AGP system with an x2 4800 for the, erm, win?
  5. SocketMan
    Lube Tube
  6. ihatbs
    I baught the HD4870 a week ago and I was thinking of testing it in my old Athlon64 3000+

    Suprise !

    I Could play Crysis on high setting (DX9), 1680-1050, 4AA Enabled (few lags), 2AA( No lag at all).
    The bottlenecknick may be huge in some bechmark applications such as 3DMark but in actual gaming bottleneck is not that big.
  7. CandymanCan
    Thanks for the info on the 4870, people kept telling me my cpu was limiting everything, bunch of horse crap if you ask me. If i get a 4870 im pretty sire it wouldnt matter what cpu i had since that card is 2x faster then my GTS anyway
  8. massman
    YesYesYes, S939 needs to be alive for ever
  9. bt_medic04
    greatest AMD socket of all time. ive had 6 939 chips pass through my hands on 5 different 939 boards.
  10. tiro_uspsss
    have any of u fellas used ECC ram in a s939 mobo? which mobo, if so?
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