Conspiracy Theorists Inc.

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  1. RAW-Raptor22
    Druid's always crazy, but I will help out his group.
  2. tiro_uspsss
    it was MEEEEEEEEEEE!
  3. don_xvi
    Oh, yes,I'm in !
    Because they're out to get me, so I can document what's happening here for the world to see !
  4. don_xvi
    Removing Speak Freely is all a part of the string-pullers keeping the truth suppressed ! XS is a part of the problem !
  5. IanB
    Oh yes, this little piece of the late lamented Speak Freely needs to be nurtured and kept alive...
  6. BreeSpree
    The right side has more than the left side, unless you flip it upside down which it is, but it came that way. Am I right or am I right?
  7. CyberDruid
    My latest theory is that the Illuminati lost their grip on Bush...he was not able to bring about the necessary restrictions to our civil now they are working the Fed. Next up: Paper Money is history...get ready for RFID. Once they have managed to get us so in debt our children are born into slavery their mission will be accomplished.

    The next generation of children will be given a Debt of $25 million each that they have to pay off within their lifetime before they can receive any benefits...
  8. BreeSpree
    Oh yes, that is why we need Obama for president. He will bring down the angels to fight the battle for us, before they turn on him. Luckily we will have 10 full years before the first plague. I just hope my kids will have their Gundam suits on by then.....
  9. CyberDruid
    We nee Gundam suits NOW. Obama will not save us from the Alien invasion because he has already cut a deal with them. In exchange for two kilos of pituatary extract they'll give him a lift off this scorched rock...
  10. BreeSpree

    Then explain this... or at least try to...
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