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  1. fart_plume
    If i get this job I should have i7's in a couple of months
  2. [XC] riptide
    [XC] riptide
    Ya got teh job. Get i7's.
  3. coo-coo-clocker
    I was lookin at i7, but now it looks more like 295 GPU...much better bang for $
  4. CyberDruid
    Man I am getting the bug again...can't get that Gridmonkey off myback.
  5. Lu523
    Sammy is inbound!!
  6. Sparky
    I got a sammy Now I just need the sinks from Dave and I'll be set

    GTX260-216 on F@H now as well. Open box on newegg for 135, couldn't pass it up.

    Yeah my tax return moolah burnt a hole in my pocket a little bit
  7. PoppaGeek
    Excuse me, can you tell me where the exit is? I can't find the exit. Hello? I can't find my way out.......what's that crunching sound?
  8. SoulsCollective
    y halo thar folks
  9. Bo_Fox
    Wow, cannot believe that XS team has a #3 rank in the WCG list of all-time most points generated!

    Are some of you guys running a supercomputer farm or what?

    Also, is there a list here on XS that shows how much each member is doing per day, per week, and in total?
  10. Sparky
    Bo fox, go here:

    Only gives it in BOINC points but ~ x7 that is WCG points.
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