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  1. MikeB12
    I still stop by here regularly, but it doesn't get much traffic...
    so who's gonna grab the free beer?
  2. ShadowGuy
    Do any of you guys know where I could get an SL7CH (only) for less than $150? Don't tell me it's stupid or a bad idea, I'm pretty set on getting it for one of my older boards (max3). I figured you guys would be best to ask, I don't even know what section to post this in...
  3. don_xvi
    Boo !
    Hey, I'm multitasking now, got WCG and F@H going on !
  4. Aerou
    who's already got some i7 crunchers runnin?
  5. [XC] riptide
    [XC] riptide
    Ya. Seems like i7 isn't taking off as one would expect in cruncher circles.
  6. fart_plume
    it's the economy, everyone saving their money in case the worst happens..........
  7. phelan1777
    I am no where near close to getting an I7, going to be a long while to come.
  8. Sparky
    saving money? Only if you have money to save in the first place
  9. -Acid-
    or had a job to earn money !!!!!
  10. Blauhung
    I have to save for some hardwood flooring, the puppies have chewed holes in the carpet. oh and the water heater is leaking ;-p
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