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  1. [XC] riptide
    [XC] riptide
    Anyone any tips for OCing a E8500 w/Asus Premium w/TTBT? Seems I need a good deal of voltage to hike her to 4.2Ghz. The kinda voltage I would not like for 24/7 crunchtime. Although runs 3.6Ghz stock vcore. ATM its 1.42 @ 440x9.5=4.18Ghz.
  2. fungry
    Wow 1.42V. It is probably okay but sounds really high in my ears for a 45nm chip xD.

    Hmm, I think like Jaco's tip, tried playing around with vfsb and vnb? Could give you a bit of edge to reach 4.2ghz.
  3. The_Barnacle
    Was over 100 degrees where I live today. I was informed that one WU was lost battling the heat... 3 of my CPUs are up around 70C
  4. [XC] riptide
    [XC] riptide
    Jaco's tip[ relates to 65nm. High FSB term, can lead to instability in 45nm. I leave at Auto.
    See Benchzowners chip? He abused the shcitt out of it, and saw no degradation yet. Screw it anyway. If it dies/degrades.... que sera sera. It does make me a little scared of Nehalem however. 45nm threw some rules out the window. i think Nehalem might throw the whole damn book after it.
  5. fungry
    Yea, I also definitely see that happening when Nehalam walks out of Intel's front door. Still looking forward to it nonetheless.
  6. loonym
    I set 1.425 (bios) for my x3360 to run 4gig. I'll tell you this though, the load line calibration 'feature' in some asus bios is dangerous if you're not careful. I guess it's supposed to be like a built in vdroop correction? I noticed first day that vcore spikes up .02v or so at load.
  7. [XC] riptide
    [XC] riptide
    Mine shifts around a ltitle... but I was presuming that was rounding effetcs...
  8. Sparky
    Barnacle, got AC? I have it in the apartment and keep it set at 73. Everything is happy that way
  9. pH(x)
    Can someone familiar with the Bad Axe 2 intel 975x chipset motherboard help me overclock my E6600 (L632B2) via PM to ~3.6GHz or higher? I have 3GB of G.Skill DDR2800 in 5-5-5-15 1.8v, D-Tek Fuzion w/o nozzle and DDCT-01 w/ MCR220. I have ref frequency set to 533 and Memory at 266 but I can't get anything crunching stable past 3.33GHz on 1.38v and 3.0GHz on stock (1.325v)
  10. [XC] riptide
    [XC] riptide
    Bad axe / 975 = Fail. Nah. But thay have been tricky some people.
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