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XtremeSystems Crunchers

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  1. [XC] riptide
    [XC] riptide
    Nice SOlid. Ghetto looking.

    Paladin. You are turning into a Youtube addict.
  2. coo-coo-clocker
    we should launch a ghetto-cruncher build contest. The tackier and extremeier, the better.
    I've been thinking about doing something with a nekkid mobo and leaf blower
  3. [XC] riptide
    [XC] riptide
    We had on in teh WCG section. SparkJJO won by some margin.
  4. s0lid
    How nobody can't spell my nick right
  5. fungry
    Got my crucials back and they had no problems -__- this is ridiculous haha. Anyways will be testing my system's stability and hope to get this baby crunching again .
  6. BulldogPO
    Why there are no more than handful of QMC crunchers?
  7. RocKer
    Hi all,dont know what this is,but you have my support .
  8. s0lid
    ffs DFI committed suicide before i was able to test my QX
  9. s0lid
    P4 cruncher online

    See the vmodded 66gt
  10. Jaco
    Just re-installed the Scythe Ninja on my Q6600 G0 cruncher. The cooler didn't make good contact with the cpu , temps were going crazy , 82-83-83-81 this morning
    Now the HS is seated much better , applied some ICD7 compound . result : 63-65-67-62
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