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  1. hey, m&m :p i was wondering what you knew about a dual socket f board called " S2912G2NR-E. " any help would be indeed be... well, helpfu lol. thanks.
  2. @ mountain king, din't notice u addressed me.

    ummm i am learning every day, read read and read. before i made pointless threads, but i've seen the error in my ways.

    srry to spam dave
  3. you should change ur avy so it says dual dual quad. lol just to elaborate the rediculous amount of power you have lol
  4. hey i think you are sending the kids the wrong message.

    "XS is not where you begin in this hobby. It is where you end."

    i was no tech geek when i joined ( and still am not ) but i'm alot smarter about pc's now then i was when i joined. anybody can learn, it's how you talk to them tho, give examples they can relate to in their head. i always thought you were a cool guy. but my thinking is incorrect.
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