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Conversation Between blind_ripper and k|ngp|n

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  1. Over here your team would me called "mad prawns"
  2. there whas no gain from 112 to 120mhz pci-e , may il test some more later. anything els ?
  3. my sata disk give's me errors then .
    Owell lets see it here is a working IDE disk here.
  4. http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y90...ch1/388k05.jpg
    working out with the green card's: still on air on the card's will break 40k easy i think .
    next time(tomorrow) on classified
    max bclk any tips ? running 112pci-e.
    new digicam also .
  5. hi vince
    check u pm's bro .
  6. idd @ gautam
  7. fugger bashing hehe
  8. lol gautam
  9. 4870 died today but hell these things run like @ -170°C without giving troubel except it died now , water in the mem's and it give artifacets like heel .
    still got to run a nature @ 1200mhz with 1.5vgpu . 1115fps .

    next week E8600 retail at home
  10. tomorrow il get Ln2 my friend , il post some pics off the tek mounted on the card in my thread
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