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Conversation Between blind_ripper and runmc

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  1. nah ron, sold it about a year ago .
    will start benching again soon, maybe il put it on to get list .
  2. I got hold of a bios that is suppose to fix the temperature limit. I am going to try it tonight. I ran it through a quick flash this morning but I had to hurry because I have a pot on the card and all I had was regular ice to put in the pot. I'm not sure if the flash was a success or not. Do you still have your card (9800gtx)
  3. nope, with the bios i got it did not help.
    seems like it only a select number of cards it would have worked on, maybe 10/100 or less.

    though could bench close to 1100core with only vgpu mod .
  4. Did you ever get the coldbug fixed on the 9800gtx?
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