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  1. hey chuck just finished my first jerk bait proto for northern pike, check it out btw the pic does not do it justice
  2. Sup dude! Caught some nice fish!!! Not one pike though....lots of walleye.
  3. oohhh you have vista now, how you liking the it so far? i must admit that it does look pretty but i only use it when i bench 3dmark vantage
  4. Got vista looks pretty...
  5. Haha!! Wooo Wooo!! I dont blame ya then for not benchn, some things are much more important.
  6. heheh no benching today some one is keeping me busy
  7. Hey brother, you benchn today?
  8. hahaha yeah man im sooo doomed
  9. Oh no's!! Hamid found you!!! Your in trouble brother! Run for the hills!!
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