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  1. I'll be sure to remember!
  2. Mention what you want to have as a drawing in the comment at the end of the order I will be happy to give it a try
  3. Can't wait to get some money so you can draw! (BTW, I'm 6'3", so make me tall haha)
  4. Can't wait to make drawings for you
  5. I think I'll just get that molex tool from your site and get a couple ATX tools from another site, thanks, though. (I will be getting a sleeving kit, too, though!)
  6. Nooo - there is no warranty. Just rude people with wrong technique, who don't read the tutorials and don't follow them, have a chance to destroy it. It'S the same with drill-bits etc. If they break it's not the fault of the drill-bit
  7. Quick question... you said that the Molex pin-remover on your site had almost no chance of breaking. If it were to break, do I get a new one from the Molex company? Basically, is there a warranty on it?
  8. I would have (I can easily say now )
  9. Yah, thanks! (I didn't even think to contact you to tell someone to authorize me, hahaha)
  10. Ouch! But now you're here, and that's what matters
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