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  1. ahh thanks for that i will just keep my 3570@4.5ghz fast enough for me just hoping it will be better to get the 2500k back
    seems to me ivy's are a little better under low/med overclocks
  2. I don't think my 2500k is golden but I'm not sure how common 5.0GHz is. It runs at 5.0Ghz on a H80 and H100 with ease. It's not stable above 4.8GHz on air.
  3. i was wondering what is the faster of your cpu's
    i have a 3570k @4.5 but i can get a i5 2500k
    will it be better to have the 2500k and oc it to 5.0gh or is your 2500 chip a golden chip thanks
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