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  1. If you're looking for something more specifically, Click here and send me the details through a private message and I'll help you figure out what's best.
  2. thanks for the reply pal i think i will have to save up for a while and see what i can do i have my i7 for the mo and now and a gain i will do some wcg just to keep my score up as well as helping the team thanks for the advice
  3. Currently the best in terms of performance per watt is a 2600k, and that's only going to get better once the Z68 boards come out since you won't need a discrete graphics card. If you're going to join a GPU DC project also, the Z board won't matter as you'll have a card anyway but it sounds as if you want to keep things cheap.

    If a 2600K is to expensive, look at just the 2600 with a H67 (if you get a Z68 you can still bump up the multiplier 4x, but again, a bit more expensive). For either setup you'd only need ~4GB of RAM, any old HDD you have around, and just about any PSU that can handle the graphics. (although it might be smart to get a silver/gold/platnium rated PSU) This will be sub 200W full load without graphics if you're careful with your voltages.
  4. yeah pal i will dont worry
    im really getting into this now thinking of saving up to buy a grid rig now nothing fancy but sonthing that will help and not use much wattage lol have you got any ideas on what will be good for low cost and low wattage usage then?
  5. Haha, it's all good. Yeah I saw that you had mentioned that on WCG after I sent you the message. No worries, but if you ever get the urge, you know where we are.
  6. hi pal i had thught of it but for what it costs in electric i wont be able to do it thats why i just do wcg and use the cpu.
    At least then i can take the gpus out and put a low end card it when im buisy with wcg

    im just happy that im helping the team
  7. Hey rubber5,

    Saw that you joined WCG for supercomputing week, and when I saw you had 2 470s thought I might mention GPUGrid. If you're interested, post up over here.

    Thanks for the help!
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