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  1. I'm winding down again; I'll have the i7-920 on but I can't keep running my main at full too. My old Q8300 finally ran out of WUs so I shut it down.
  2. thats bob for ya, no crunching for a year, then bam one day adds like 12 rigs..

    yeah im not even gona make half of your daily credits.. have fun passing me again
    i will catch ya next summer
  3. We'll see how that compares. You'll need to beat 7500 PPD to have any chance.
  4. dedicated quad opteron adding around the end of next week.
  5. You are going to be quite squishy when I'm done running over you. Just my Core i7's should do 7500 BOINC PPD overall. You better start up those other computers you were running, lest you become roadkill.
  6. Whats up brotha!
  7. Hey, NK?
  8. cheers mate. looks astho ive passed you up
  9. Don't make me restart the Q8300 and X3210; I pulled off for a bit because I moved into an apartment. I need to get that bitcoin thing working and then I can afford electricity.
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