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Conversation Between dualbrain and PropherCR

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  1. Cooooongrats Very happy to hear!
  2. check your email and find something even more impressive - but don't speak about it
  3. Hey! How are you, hope you are ok. I Placed my order today i hope you dont have any trouble with the adress format in my country, and thanks for giving us that godly sleeve

    Take care!
  4. You will get something even better ... something just a few chosen ones get. Wait until I ship
  5. Thanks for answering!! i will buy as soon as i get the money then. Oh man i'm a great fan of your sleeve and the work i've seen with it!! Cant wait to have it (lol!)

    Again Thanks for the answer! Take care!
  6. Hey
    Costa rica is no problem. I don't know about the speed of customs over there, buit if they are quick it can arraive quick I don't write in the thread, as I don't want to promote anything there nor be a shop-guy
    You find my email on the website if you have any questions.
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