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  1. Hello MikeB12. I too scaled way back. Sure do miss the good old days. Hope all is well with you...
  2. Hey Grand Pappy! just sayin hello... been a while... I've been on a budget this last year or so, so no new equipment; and trying to conserve electricity... The $500/mo elec bills got to be too much on me to maintain crunching, especially on old equipment. but still wanted to drop in and say howdy to my old pardner in crime... Mike
  3. by Mother Goose

    I saw a ship a-sailing,
    A-sailing on the sea;
    And oh, it was all laden
    With pretty things for thee!

    There were comfits in the cabin,
    And apples in the hold;
    The sails were made of silk,
    And the masts were made of gold.

    The four and twenty sailors,
    That stood between the decks,
    Were four and twenty white mice,
    With chains about their necks.

    The captain was a duck,
    With a packet on his back;
    And when the ship began to move,
    The captain said, "Quack, Quack!" (HONK! HONK!)
  4. Mike....Honk, Honk...Isn't it about time you WAKE UP
  5. Bing Bling ! Honk! Honk!
  6. hey dak.. hope things are well.
  7. Hello Friend
  8. Nice pic Mike...Dog with hat to protect from Goose crapping in your hair...
  9. changed the blades and oil in the mower this AM, then cut the big lot (I call the back 40. lol).. also called this local guy that does pressure washing on the side in my neighborhood and he's pressure washing the house siding today and gutters right now. I'm a productive little sh1t this morning. it's not even 11am yet. skipped breakfast, and the last 3 hrs in the yard has me hungrier than a hippo. I'll do the yard around the house later today after the sun lets off, or tomorrow morning. after that I'm gonna be out of stuff to do and bored. LOL! maybe I should call my cousin and ask if I can bring my dog to the river house tomorrow. not sure if they want dogs in the house. that might be a pita keeping track of her anyway, last thing I need is for her to jump in the edisto river and drown or get eaten by a gator. that place has a healthy gator pop. and she would be I nice snack I imagine, can't have that.
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