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  1. You can't color the user name. Just the title. The colors on the user names are for various things like red for Admins,Blue for XIP's, yellow for Champions,etc and if YOU change your title you'll lose the red as thats done in HTML. If you want something specific there PM me what you want.
    Also use PM's as I see those immediately vs the visitor message that I have to check for.
  2. Thanks Pal!
    now im Happier,did you get my $ that the IM Extreme user,how can i color my user name thanks.....
  3. Just checked your account and all looked fine except for the I am xtreme user group and I fixed that.
    Try PM'ing me.
  4. Movieman,can you please help me with my pm not sending or recieving,what do i need to do thank you
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