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  1. good to hear that.
  2. same poop, different scoop
  3. Whats goin' on man. How have you been?
  4. yo yo yo
  5. Merry Christmas Wrigley.
  6. "Yeah Mr. President might actually bring our beloved n00c home safe from some godforsaken craphole he really shouldn't be in the first place and still that mixed-up kid Raptor finds a way to complain about it! Anyway Merry Christmas n00c and hope to hear from you soon, man."

    Merry Christmas to you too, Raptor.
  7. Thanks. We will all be just fine I think. Good to feel that way again.
  8. I wasn't offended at all by the kid comment wrigley, my dad is 48 and he calls anyone younger than 35 "kids"... :p

    I know I am young, and can use some sobering up from time to time.
  9. Thanks alot wrigley, I appreciate it. I suppose for any president if the union is still around after their term, then they have done their job. I frankly believe that Obama lacks the experience for the position and I disagree with his views on many things. I am at best fearful for what he will bring, and try to remain optimistic as checks-and-balances leaves washington and we have a Democratic majority in every way. Im afraid for my rights, but curious to explore something new.
  10. By the way, the main reason that the fact that you're still "just a kid" is pertinent here is because Mom and Dad still pay your bills, capiche?
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