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  1. that would be cool! I can do some classical & booze, cant drink beer Let me know when ya go up there & ill buy ya a drink.
  2. Me slightly busy now (not trying to sound important - crappy job + helping a friend with a new business ), but really do feel like taking some time off! I've been thinking about the Grant Park festival (, how about booze + Beethoven/Bach? There is also plenty of summer skin in Millennium for distraction
  3. skerd him away you old goat!!! So when we gonna go out & have a beer?
  4. Nothin much, kiddo! How's the summer treating you?!

    You know, there was this other Chicago (Gotham?) kid who did a friend request; I told him I was exactly twice his age, and never heard from him again!
  5. Hey OLD MAN Whats going on? hehe
  6. Hey there! Me Logan Square!
  7. sup dude!! where about in chicago?? Im palos park.
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