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  1. I like doing my write-ups with blocks paired up (I have a Luna Rev.A due here next week, that will be the Sapphire's partner) so that I'm not spamming the WC section I don't do PQ testing (no manometer, they're $500 for the ones that can do full-time liquid duty), but I do have calibrated Dwyer flowmeters in my testloop and use those with 6 different pump settings--at all pump settings the Sapphire Rev.A had the highest flow (easily). It's a block that is extremely low restriction and is pretty blind to flowrates as well, so I really wouldn't worry about it flow in your loop unless you have some very restrictive components elsewhere. That said, from other tester's data I've see, its pressure drop curve is in the vicinity of an MC-TDX/Fuzion V1 with no o-ring or nozzles (somewhere between the two), both of which should be in Martin's estimator.
  2. Hey vapor. I see that you have the thermal and flow rate results for the sapphire, but no written conclusion? Also, can you please post pq curves? I want to see how it would affect flow rate in a estimator or something. How do you calculate your final flow rate anyways?
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