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  1. Hey massman!

    I will be away from overclocking for a while, three of my friends died on friday. Keep on benching though!
  2. Hey man. Just got started on this 785G board. Hitting 25.2k in 01 quite easy. 95FPS nature with only 900 core :-)
  3. Cool Pieter! I'll get the 785G board as soon as possible!
    P.S.: If you have any hardware vendors (such as DFI) connections, I would recommend myself
  4. I got this board from Gigabyte, so I'll stick to that one. For the F1-OC I should be getting a DFI alternative as well ... but that's not for this month.

    When the XS Cheapazchips comp finishes over at Hwbot, i'll create a custom IGP challenge as well. Might not be interesting to have too much challenges going on at the same time
  5. Cool, I can obtain one. What's your board of the choice? I would go for M4A785TD-V EVO, it's about 80€. I'll try to borrow it though, I don't need another low-end board. They just keep stacking in my closet!
  6. I do have a 785G on my test bench at the moment
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