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  1. How much HW have you killed this week?
  2. Splavester, I sense I got another 2 sec left in the pipe, but getting much below 6m 20s will be hard....
    By cooling down the mem, just by TEC, I should be able to hit 1.5 sec improvement, then another 0.5 from manual CW
  3. Nah, unfortunately not, still waiting for having motherboard and CPU at same time, and I preordered both.... Im jinxed
  4. no need, I already have some
    Just dont have a chip I feel like killing, know anyone with a crappy ES they'd give up?
  5. Ohhhh Splave, y u no got msn details here, feel like poking you!
    You've got a few chips around, and probably dont mind testing this.... All the TIM talk, could you buy some indium and try to use it between DIE and IHS?? That might actually increase the heat transfer a hell of alot...

    NB; No international shipping so cant buy this one myself...
  6. Imposssibruuu
  7. How to catch splave how to catch splave! Any advice?
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