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  1. Hehe, no money no funny, right? It's nice to hear that you ok. Don't worry, money was an issue for me as well, but after a long time I'm finally ready for SandyBridge cheap-o 2500K SPi 32M fun
  2. woups first time i connect here ever since ..
    Im just fine thank you man, not much into clocking lately, moneymoney unno

    Hope you're ok too

  3. How are you my friend? Haven't talked to you in a very long time. Is everything ok?
  4. Well I have some more back here Wait 'till I finish testing it and you 'll see
    Thing is, I found what services can be disabled, in fact I can run SPi with only 2 of them running
    When 75MB OS testing is over, I'll PM you
  5. Hi Georges

    I tried your 97Mo Xpised OS this morning and I can't defeat mine, meanwhile it seems at least as good: exactly the same range of temps on that Spi 8/32M.

    Thing is that services are not the same between our 2 OSes. So there must be something that we miss or have to sort out to acheive greatness

  6. Hey man, check your PMs
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