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  1. Everything alright here, just hit me on Live Messenger (MSN) for some nerd talk.
  2. yo Stephan, how are you my friend?
  3. Happy new year George, you got PM.
  4. Hey Stephan, how are you my friend ? Happy new year my friend, may everything occur just like you want them to

    Oh, and plz check your PMs
  5. Stephan check your PMs
  6. Almost forgot ... Nevermind I'll write that here
    I hope that everything works out for you man, and see you again logged in msn

    ATB, ttyl
  7. Stephan, log in MSN ...
  8. Certified overclocker huh ? What have you acquired a master, or what ? Although I do think, that you also need to choose a specific job in overclocking ... And from the social groups that you joined here in xs (both 3D 01 and SuperPi addicts), I believe you are gonna have a problem 3Ds and 2Ds are a whole different thing

    Thanks for the good words Stephan, I really hope the same for you too Please tell me you did well in Greek Philosophy though ! I'm going to be pissed ...

    ATB m8
  9. It's nice that you are going to study at Economic university, let's hope you'll do fine there. Yeah, all my exams are over. Marks are okay, yours are better anyway. I'm not sure as for the future, there are a lot of possibilities. How does certified overclocker sound?
  10. Stephan I managed to get my self in the Economics University of Athens According to 2007's mark needed to get in this University I'm in, but because this year exams were extremely difficult, the mark needed is going to be even lower, so I'm in again Officially the marks needed are going to be announced during the last week of August

    And how are things with you man ? Did you do well in your exams ?
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