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  1. Ok, its good to hear he is still alive and kicking. Still in that lab of his? Would love to come visit the greeks again, maybe I can talk these guys into having an event over there
  2. Yeah he's alive and kicking, that old dawg He is really busy with work - got into manufacturing stuff that have to do with digital TVs. Digital TV is really expanding now in Greece because it has crystal clear sound and screen, and George is trying to get in the game

    Hey have you seen my PM in kingpincooling forums regarding that contest? I know there are some 01 maniacs now in Greece who would love such a thing
  3. Yo! Whatsup my friend. Is hipro still alive?
  4. Hehe Tim In summer where temperature here can climb up to 35 degrees, I'm only benching at night (it's ten times better benching alone at night, when everybody's sleeping and everything's so calm and peaceful ) with the air - condition turned on of course ... Around 22C
    28C looks huge ! But what should Zol say then ?
  5. Vince, you are welcome man, it's my honor Outside about 28C, the usual sunny weather we have here in Greece Not good for benching though ... It's becoming really exhausting whenever I have to bench, to turn on the air-condition at 19C ... And yours ?
  6. Thanx for the add! How is your weather right now?
  7. Hey m8, what's up ? Any updates on the 9800GTX coldbug issue ?
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