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  1. I'm also looking forward to get a phase change single stage unit, along with my upcoming i7 rig for some action
    Life's good, university exams at the moment, that MacroEconomy is for sure a pain in the ass
    What system are you currently using ?
  2. Not up to much George. Just being an overclocking bum and a phase change junky. I'm a bit down in the back ATM so I'm not getting a lot done. How are you my friend?
  3. Hey Ron what's up dude ? Long time no see
  4. Hehe, I've never benched with LN2 Maybe in a year or so
    Although, I've benched with a cascade, 5 - 6 times ... I admit it was super crazy and a lot of fun, but having a dual cascade working next to you, is really devastating for your ears
  5. Hey Ron, I've noticed that you are going LN2 soon huh ? Can't wait to see a full LN2 3D 01 run of yours man
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