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  1. Catch me on MSN and I'll tell you my home address. Book your flights now to visit the portuguese beaches next Summer

    You're welcome!
  2. Hello m8 Do you need some nice chip?

    eheheh I'm kidding
  3. Hello BZ

    I'm fine, thanks What about you?

    Last month I was benching with the E8600 + GX2 but had serious coldbug problems due to huge temperature oscillations with my CPU pot

    Fortunately Vince send me a F1 EE and since Nehalems are not so good on 2001 I'll try again with my current rig but this time I'll not be able to reach the Top5 (AC @ GX2)

    Let's see

    Looking forward for your LN2 results too

  4. Hey Daniel how are you doing bud ?
    Long time no "see".
    I'll try to catch you on MSN this week
  5. Hello buddy
  6. Thanks for the tips

    So, you will be in Amsterdam too?
  7. I'm fine too

    A bit busy too, we really need a time multiplier 2.5x should be sufficient

    Just waiting for my cascade and I'll show you some nice results with some green cards

    Keep benchin'

  8. Sup
    Watcha been up to man ?
    Any LN2 benching ?
  9. Hi m8!

    How are you?
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