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Conversation Between wdrzal and twilyth

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  1. How's it hangin'? It's so cold here it's frozen to my nut sack. If I get wood before spring, I'll be a eunuch.
  2. oh. It's been weeks since I had a visitor message and you deleted it. But I got the pm. Thanks. It's a little embarrassing when you can't get it together enough to register. Are you an admin on the new site?
  3. delete
  4. Thanks for the comment. I figured I would respond here since talking about SF doesn't seem to be appreciated. I can see both sides of the argument but I think enough people miss it that they should consider bringing it back. It seems even the mods are encouraging some kinds of discussions that otherwise would have gone in SF, so I think even they see the need, but I don't things will change anytime soon.
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