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Conversation Between wdrzal and teyber

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  1. walt, hows life?
  2. finally filled up these tanks... they were years past the hydrotest
    was only $13 on each tank though... but they charged me $40 to fill up the acetylene! i fought with them for a long time, it wasn't the same person who usually helps me, the other people said it would cost me like 5-10 more then my mc... wrongo. Still ~ half the price for the amount of gas.
  3. lol look what i just snagged-
    my guess is hydrotest is up but my local airgas is super flexible with this

    no more filling up my 10cuft very often i will actually make money on this (after selling my old tanks) lol
  4. walt-

    whats proper way to discharge capacitors?
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