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  1. The sad truth that most don't accept. 98% is easy - the last 2% are what seperates the men from the boys
  2. Thanks! The i/o mesh is painted but the lighting in the pic fails to show it. You are very right when you say "When you think you are finished, it just begins" lol
  3. Good I like it. Now paint the io-mesh-cover and then continue to be picky on every other millimeter "When you think you are finished, it just begins"
  4. see what you think:

    added mesh to the i/o area to hide those ugly ports and painted the gpu i/o shield
  5. Thanks for taking a look at it! Excellent call with removing the stickers in the i/o area as well as painting the slot protector for the gpu... I will get on it immediately and update the pics
  6. wow - I have seen it! Superb!!!
    But take off all the little stickers in the i/o area etc. and make all silver slot-blinds etc. black. SUPERB!
  7. It was an honor for me! Please send me the link to the final photos if you have
  8. Hey thanks Nils! You have been a great help to me in making my rig complete, I look forward to more sleeve in the future
  9. Great to see such beautiful photos
  10. Thank you so much for your VERY NICE words in the sleeving-thread. It is an honor for me to see that. Thank you
    All the best and a happy new year
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