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Conversation Between teyber and n00b 0f l337

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  1. just message me a number and we can chat it over, i guess i'll take 3, i just found one for this project so no hurry
  2. just want 1-2 for your project or? i know i have 3 under my bench
  3. Thanks Reed, I figure I'd ask before I by another box of em online.
  4. i think i do... Ill email my mom...
  5. Got any more of those HPCO Reed?

    why is it back up? if it doesn't work try logging out then you will see it
  7. hey mingo said no to 10 for $300... grr. i think ill wait about 1-2 weeks and ask if he can do 5 for 200. i would be more then happy to pay $50 a pop but not if there is a good chance it doesnt work
  8. hey can you go on msn?

    you said chilly1 is getting back in buisness and responded to your pm's in like 2 days- well he hasn't logged on since june 18 or something -_-
  9. noobs a noob :P

    how was your trip? where did you go?
  10. dude pm's annoy me. if your free can you go on msn?
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