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Conversation Between runmc and n00b 0f l337

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  1. thanks Adam
  2. sounds pretty good, i sent a person or two your way recently so i expect to see a good build log
  3. I'm just plugging along. Been building a unit here and there. I got some cases made, I just need to get some built and advertised
  4. fairly well ron, school school school. it got a good bit harder so i dont seem to have the time i used to, but in my off hours im currently building a cnc lathe. how have things been?
  5. Doing good Adam. thanks! How are you getting along?
  6. Hey hows it going?
  7. Hell yes, great unit you did there. How's the load though
  8. LOL - nothing like a good camera - It's about time. Did you see the rotary pron?
  9. Not bad eh? That new camera makes my work look good
  10. All I can say is - "Get the camera out Adam"
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